Ministry of Labour First Aid Requirements

This is a proven method for companies to assess their workplace to determine how many first responders they need, based on factors such as the size and layout of the workspace. For example, a first responder should be able to reach an injured person within two minutes. Anyone can become a first responder (or a valid first aid certificate holder). A first responder should be able to provide immediate treatment. For example, you should not choose someone as your first responder if they often work outdoors or behind closed doors. Yes. If you have a first aid certificate from an approved supplier in another province, we will accept the certificate until it expires. When the certificate expires, you must complete your first aid training with a WSIB-approved provider in Ontario. 2.

1. A first-aid kit shall contain at least the first-aid items required by these Regulations and all parts of the box shall be kept in good condition at all times. R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 1101, p. 2 (1). EpiPens® are not required under Regulation 1101 and should not be included in first aid kits. If you are unsure whether a first aid training provider is approved by the WSIB, you can consult the list or contact us to confirm this before purchasing a service. (ii) twenty minutes or more but not more than two hours, a standard first aid certificate; and 16. (1) Every employer of bush workers and/or agricultural workers shall provide a first aid kit at a central location that, (3) An employer of workers transporting goods out of an urban area in a vehicle shall equip the vehicle with a first aid kit containing first aid kits that should be part of a first aid station. You need to strategically place first aid stations in your workplace. Your first aid stations should include: 8. (1) An employer who employs no more than five workers in any shift at a workplace shall provide and maintain a first aid station at the workplace if the first aid kit includes at least one first aid kit shall be portable and NOT stored in a locked cabinet.

Drawer or bedroom. It must be located in an area where it is visible or marked with a sign indicating its location. 4. The costs of providing and maintaining first-aid equipment and services shall be borne by the employer. R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 1101, p. 4. There are approved blended programs that use online learning to learn first aid theory, with demonstrations of skills in a classroom with an instructor. (a) a first-aid kit containing the items prescribed in these Regulations; (3) In the case of advanced first aid, including wilderness first aid, the employer shall, in consultation with the work committee or health and safety officer, determine the requirements for first aid training in the workplace, taking into account the particular nature of the workplace.

All workplace first aid training certificates, including those provided by independent third-party training providers, must be issued by the WSIB-approved provider to comply with Rule 1101. (a) the minimum floor area required for first aid is maintained; There is no prescribed ratio of trained first responders to the total number of employees under Regulation 1101. In the workplace, at least one person must be on site at all times and hold a valid first aid certificate (corresponding to the number of people working per shift). (vi) the first aid supplies and equipment listed in Annex IV to this Part. 2. A first-aid room may be used for purposes other than first aid if: 4. The employer has completed the advanced first aid training programme, including wilderness first aid, in consultation with the works council or health and safety representative, at least every three years and whenever circumstances change which may affect the content of the training: To check. Currently, there are no online-only approved programs that meet the criteria for first aid training. Online programs do not allow participants to prove that they have acquired the required skills. At this time, we are not accepting new applications from potential providers of workplace first aid training. (4) If an employee operates heavy construction and maintenance equipment in a place where the employee does not have easy access to a first-aid station in the event of an accident, the employer shall equip the machine with a first aid kit containing the items required under subsection 3 R.R.O. 1990, Reg.

1101, § 16 (4). (ii) valid first aid certificates attesting to the competence of workers trained in service; and 12. If the first-aid post referred to in Articles 9 or 10 or the first-aid room referred to in Article 11 is not easily accessible to ensure prompt treatment of the worker, one or more additional first-aid stations shall be set up to comply with paragraph 1(3).