Mumbai University Law Exam Time Table 2021

Webinar link to train examiners for FH 2022 evaluation Please let us know when TYBA will start for winter 2021 as I cannot download the calendar for summer 2021. University of Mumbai Schedule 2021 [Published] – University of Mumbai Date Sheet December 2019-20 for UG B.A B.Com B.Sc B.Ed LL.B BCA BJMC B.Pharma B.Tech BJMC (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th week) Odd semester / University of Mumbai Exam schedule and scheme December 2022-23 for (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th semester) even semester available in PDF on the official website. The official contact number of the Law Department is 022 – 6832 0026 Revised LL.M. CET Guidelines NOTICE – LL.M. CE review 2022. NOTE- DIPLOMA COURSE PG STUDENTS NOTE- LL.M. Sem II students LL.M. Semester – IV Research proposal NOTE- LL.M CE Examination Forms – 2022 Note for LL.M. Sem I and Sem II – List of students for the exam of the first semester 2020 Which leads to the RR result of M.Phil.

NOTE – LL.M. CET 2022 Pre Ph.D. Courswork 2021-22 Ph.D. Viva Announcement Vazirani ANNOUNCEMENT – LL.M. (SEM-IV) LIST OF STUDENTS FOR VIVA-VOCE ON 20.08.2022 ANNOUNCEMENT-LL.M. SEM. IV- REGULAR STUDENTS – ONLINE EXAMINATION FORM Guidelines for the preparation of research proposals for semester IV students (06.08.22) NOTICE-ALL GRADUATE DIPLOMA STUDENTS (05.08.22) OPINION – Youth Parliament (second round) on 7 August 2022 at 8:00 17:00 ANNOUNCEMENT LL.M. SEM IV VIVA VOCE RE SCHEDULED (30.07.2022). NOTICE-Calendar for LL.M.

internships (Sem. IV). Calendar of internships LL.M. Sem IV. LIST OF SECOND YEAR STUDENTS FOR THE YEAR 2021-22 NOTE – Pre-doctoral course NOTE – Guest lecture on “The Ideology of Human Rights in India” on August 8, 2022 at 3:00 pm. Reminder for LLM sem IV Repeater students NOTICE-LL.M. SEM. IV- REGULAR STUDENTS – ONLINE – NOTIFICATION OF EXAMINATION FORM – LL.M.

-(SEM-IV) -REPEATING STUDENTS -THESIS SUBMISSION 2. SEMESTER, 2021 (15.07.2022) NOTE – Ph.D. (Law) Renewal LL.M. Sem-II Calendar July 2022 LL.M. Sem. II Calendar – July 2022 Sem II – Announcement and schedule for LL.M. Sem I and Sem II – List of students Exam in the first semester 2020 Which leads to RR Note for LL.M. Sem I, II & III List of students Exam in the second semester 2020 Which leads to RR Ph d Open Defence Viva Voce by Mrs. Sarita Mahadik on July 13, 2022 NOTE – MR. PHIL. (LAW) EXAM – 2020 – 2021 (FRESH AND REPEATING STUDENTS) Online PhD (Law) Open Defense Viva Voce, Message from Mrs.

Brijesha Reddy. OPINION-LL.M. SEM. I, II, III & IV- Students repeating a year – Online exam form Revised Resource Management and Legal Bank OPINION – LL.M. Sem IV Student repeaters NOTICE-LL. M Sem. I (regular) all students in Divyang (24.05.22). Bank of questions for the semester LL.M – I Group III – Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law – Paper – I – Intellectual Property and International Organizations and Agreements NOTE – LL.M Sem.

I students (regular) (23.05.2022). Results of the pre-doctoral question bank on Group I Document II – National Security, Public Order and the Rule of Law. NOTE – MASTER OF LAWS EXAMINATION FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021 (19.05.22) Note – Identity card NOTE on the download of LL.M. Sem room tickets. I Students (regular) (19.05.22) Question Bank-Group-VI-Environment and legal order-Paper-1- Environment and development: Law and policy Question bank for LL.M AUDIT GROUP – V- CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINAL ADMINISTRATION TASK II – CRIMINAL LAW Question bank – Group – II – BUSINESS LAW DOCUMENT II – World trade in the World Trade Organization Question Bank – HR & International Order Question Bank – Criminal Law Group I – Questions Constitutional and Administrative Law of Banking Contracts Question Bank Patents Bank Question Bank LL.M-G-4,P-I,Bank of Questions Bank of Questions – Paper II – Indian Constitutional Law: New Challenges. LL.M SEMES – I-REGULAR EXAM FOUNDATION – I LAW AND SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION NOTE – LL.M. Sem. I (regulars).

LL.M. Sem – I Examination Plan (regular) for the Winter 2021 session. I (regular) Second semester 2021 Exam NOTE – LL.M. Exam Sem I Second semester 2021 Notification of regular and repeating students LLM sem III for the exam of 30.04.2022 List of regular and repeating students LLM sem III for the exam of 30.04.2022 Note for LLM sem III students List of regular and repeating students LLM sem III for the exam of 29.04.2022 Note for the list of students of this exam III held on 29.04.2022 LL.M. Sem – I (regular) Schedule Winter Session 2021 Sem I Review Note AVIS-LL.M. SEM. I,II,III & IV- REPEATING STUDENTS – ONLINE – EXAMINATION FORM BESCHEID-LL.M. SEM. III (second semester 2021) -REGULAR STUDENTS- ONLINE – EXAM FORM Announcement for LL.M.

Sem IV Repeater Students second semester 2021 Google link reference for LL.M. Sem – II Retake second semester -2021 Google link reference for LL.M. Sem – II Retake Second Half -2021 Note for students Sem IV Repeater 2022 Sem III Repeater Note Second Half 2021 Note for repeating students of LL.M. Sem-I Note for repeating students of LL.M. SEM-II EXAM SCHEDULE FOR LL.M. SEM I (REPEATER), SEM II (REPEATER) & SEM III (REGULAR AND REPEATER) ONLINE EXAM 2022 NOTICE-LL.M. SEM. III (second semester 2021) -REGULAR STUDENTS- ONLINE – EXAMINATION FORM COMMUNICATION-LL.M. SEM.

I – (Second semester, 2021)REGULAR STUDENTS – ONLINE – EXAM FORM All Diploma Results P. G. January – 2022 02. List of PG diplomas of merit IPR 02. List of merits PG ADR 02 diploma. List of merits PG Cyber Law Diploma 02. List of Merits PG Diploma Securities Law Notice for the Review of Documents for the Second Result List of Diploma Courses P G PG Diploma Notice 2021-22 NOTICE – PRE-Ph.D. (Law) Written exam. & Thesis announcement of the 2021-2022 diploma course calendar Notice of appointment extended for the LLM scholarship 2021-22 / Freeship Online form NOTE – STUDENTS OF PG DIPLOMA COURSES – START OF COURSES – 2021-2022 (05.04.2022).

NOTE – ALL REGULAR AND REPEATING STUDENTS LL.M. SEMESTER III Announcement of the online open doctorate Defence Viva by Ms Amisha Savla on 29.03.2022 Announcement of the online doctorate open Defence Viva by Ms Amisha Savla on 29.03.2022 ANNOUNCEMENT – HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION – 2021-2022 (23.03.2022). P.G. Diploma Notice Document Review First Merit List 2021 2022 Graduate Diploma Merit List Announcement – 2021-22 ADR Merit List 2021 22 Cybersecurity Law Merit List 2021 22 2021 IPR Merit List 2021 22 Securities Merit List 2021-22 NOTICE – LL.M. Sem III Fresh students and tutors (practical) NOTICE-LL.M. Student admission date postponed to the hostel 2021-2022 (11.03.2022) LL.M Sem. I Revision schedule – 11. March 2022 to March 15, 2022 Note – Other than University of Mumbai students 2021-2021 and 2021-22 LL.M Sem. I Revision Schedule – March 2022 Note for PhD students LL.M Diploma Sem.

I Revision Schedule – March 2022 Calendar 2022 Final LL.M Revision 2022 Extended Date Notice for LLM 2021-22 Scholarship / Freeship Online Form. Announcement of the extension of the LL.M. Second year of admission 2021-2022 Announcement of LL.M Sem. I Review Schedule – March 2022 Announcement of the Open Defence Viva of Shri online promotion. Sourabh Vasant Ubale on 03.03.2022 NOTE – ADMISSION TO HOSTEL – 2021-2022 -(24.02.2022) Academic year 2021-2022 LL.M.